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If you look on the right “sidebar” of this Blog you will notice a logo for EstateSales.Net

EstateSalesMaryland recommends EstateSales.Net for Buyers and Sellers alike

Their website is a treasure trove of information and it is a very “user-friendly” site

We are not receiving any payment for posting their site on our blog, or for this article

This recommendation comes to you “free of charge” 🙂

For Buyers, you can visit the EstateSales.Net website any time you like and search for Estate Sales in your area

Another fun thing for Buyers is to search for Estate Sales in an area where you will be travelling

It is great fun to visit an Estate Sale in a new area when travelling. You may just find some treasures that you don’t come across in your own home town area

Another great benefit for Buyers is to subscribe to email notifications about Estate Sales in your preferred zipcodes

If you subscribe, you will receive regular notifications in your email inbox whenever a new sale is listed in your selected area(s)

For Sellers, the EstateSales.Net website is an excellent resource for Listing and Advertising your Estate Sale

You can be a one-time user and pay for your personal Estate Sale listing, or you can become a Member and subscribe at various levels, depending on how many Estate Sales you may be holding or advertising

The Listing Process is also very “user-friendly”, and the website is set up to walk you through the process one step at a time

We recommend that you visit the site and take a good look at a few random Listings to get some ideas before you post your own Estate Sale

In summary, EstateSalesMaryland recommends EstateSales.Net for Buyers and Sellers

If you have not taken the time to really look around their website, we recommend you give it a try

Go to www.EstateSales.Net and search your own zipcode or town to see if there are any upcoming Estate Sales listed in your area